Jumping on the e-reading bandwagon … temporarily

I did something pretty awful this week.

It was something I swore I would never ever do.

I downloaded an e-book and I read it on my new iPad Mini.

I’m not proud of it. In fact, I’m quite embarrassed.

It was fun at first. And kind of fascinating.

With one tap — yes, just one, single tap — of my finger, I had a new book in front of me. It took seconds. I didn’t have to place an order online and then wait for my book to be shipped. I didn’t have to drive to a bookstore and then wander the aisles to find what I wanted (and inevitably get distracted and purchase at least two other books that I did not go to the store to buy).

And that iPad — my e-reading device —it’s pretty small and light-weight. And get this — I can prop it up and read mostly hands-free pretty much wherever.

But let’s not jump to conclusions here. I’m still not a fan of the e-reading craze.

Yeah, light-weight is nice, but what’s nicer is feeling the pages of an actual book in your hands.

Getting to physically turn pages is yet another plus. I can’t tell you how many times I accidentally turned pages before I was ready on that darn iPad.

I also found it really hard to trust the bookmark feature. It’s just a tiny, red, flag-like button that you press. Each time I pressed it, I wondered, ‘Is this actually going to remember my place? Should I trust this button?’

But worst of all, when I finished, I didn’t get to plop that book on the pile of all the others that I’ve read.

So, I did it, but I’m not proud. And while it wasn’t terrible, I probably won’t do it again unless I’m in a real pinch.


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