A refreshing holiday weekend

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind. In fact, they’ve been downright crazy.

I officially finished my internship in the World-Herald’s Special Sections department. Although I unofficially had a few stories and photos to finish up for some upcoming projects.

Me, "messengering" at the Herald last fall.

Me, “messengering” at the Herald last fall.

I also left my messenger job at the Herald. It was harder to leave than I ever thought it would be. I am beyond grateful for the opportunities I had there. I was able to work with such a mix of experienced professionals and I feel so lucky to have been able to learn from them all. Even though I started there by just answering phones, I was able to get excellent experience with live event reporting, obituary writing and other writing experiences. It was a place where it was okay for me to ask the silly and basic questions. Everything about it made me a better writer and reporter.

Working in Special Sections exposed me to a whole different side of the newsroom (literally and figuratively). It still required good writing, good photos and some grunt work, but it still felt different. I ended up loving it more than I ever thought I would.

Three days after ending my internship and two days after leaving my messenger job, I started at the Bellevue Leader/Papillion Times/Ralston Recorder as a reporter. The three papers are weekly and are owned by the World-Herald. My main beat will be covering Papillion City Council and the school district. But I’ll still cover a mix of hard and feature news for all of the papers.

It was an overwhelming start. I was covering things I had no experience in writing about. I had to learn by doing the first week. It was an adjustment in terms of newsroom size, too.

But I’m excited. I’m excited to be able to learn from and work with these people. I’m excited to be able to do it all — write, take photos and anything else. I take a while to warm up, but I’ll get there. I’ll learn where I fit in here and what my role is. Right now, I’m just watching, learning and observing.

After everything, taking a mini-vacation to Kansas City over the long weekend was exactly what I needed.

One of my best friends, Alex, recently moved there for work. One of our other friends and I headed to visit her right after work on Friday.

Instagram photo from @peraun.

Instagram photo from @peraun.

We got there late that evening and after touring her small (but adorable) apartment, we decided to explore her neighborhood. We discovered a delightful little Paris-style bistro, Westport Café and Bar. It was a perfect mix of the two places in Omaha we used to frequent, Krug Park and La Buvette. The café/bar was a great place to catch up over some happy hour drinks and a cheese plate. (We love ourselves a good cheese plate.) Naturally we wrapped up the evening by watching chick flicks (the last six minutes of “The Other Sister” and the first hour of “The Devil Wears Prada”).

The next day, we started early. And an early start naturally means Belgian waffles and mimosas for brunch.

Then, we got some serious shopping done before hosting a dinner soirée and meeting some of Alex’s new friends. They were delightful and brought some excellent dinner contributions.

The next day we spent a great morning and afternoon at City Market. I always love the IMG_4250atmosphere of a farmer’s market. The sights, smells and sounds were wonderful.

We headed home in the afternoon and made it home by evening. As soon as I unpacked, I headed to my aunt’s Labor Day cookout and pool party. (I will have you know that there was only one article of clothing and two pairs of shoes that I did not wear. So yeah, I’m getting pretty good at not overpacking.)

Milly is the newest addition to the McFamily.

Milly is the newest addition to the McFamily.

I loved seeing my family. Now that I’m not regularly working weekends, it has been wonderful to see them so much. I especially enjoyed getting to see all of the babies, including our newest addition, Milly.

My whole weekend was a great way to relax from the endings, beginnings and in-between changes of late. I can’t even tell you how long it has been since I’ve had an entire weekend off (and a paid holiday off). I laughed so hard, had so much fun and was able to really be carefree.

Here is my fun-filled holiday weekend in photos:



Alex still hasn't found out how to fit pepper spray into her life. So for now, it will stay as wall art.

Alex still hasn’t found out how to fit pepper spray into her life. So for now, it will stay as wall art.









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