Bike buying woes

After about a year of researching and shopping, I finally committed to buying a bicycle.

At five feet tall (give or take an inch), it wasn’t an easy decision. I had my heart set on a Schwinn. I loved the retro look of the “Cruiser” models and I didn’t need anything for serious cycling, just for recreation. So it was settled. I would get a Schwinn Cruiser.

But I ran into one little problem. The problem of my little legs. The bicycle style I was set on only came in a 26 inch size and that was far too tall for me. I needed a 24 inch size, which would mean I needed a youth size. And that’s fine. Just fine.

But I ran into yet another problem. It seemed that every bike was pink. If it wasn’t pink, it was coated in flowers or kittens or princesses.

After much searching, I found a suitable two-wheel ride. It was a shiny, bright blue Schwinn Cruiser. It did have some flowers. But they were minimal and yellow. So I pulled the trigger. I bought the bicycle and a yellow helmet.

I love my new bike. It’s just my size and just my style.

After many years of not having been on a bike, I’m sure I looked quite silly riding around my neighborhood for the first time. I had trouble turning around corners and my thighs burned when I went up a big hill. (I went a little too far on my first ride.)

It’s been a fun little hobby. And I’ve gotten better at going around corners and riding up hills.

Last week I went around my neighborhood for a quick cruise. As I rode, some kids across the street started watching me and yelling.

“Hey, where are you from?” one shouted, inquiring about where I live in the neighborhood.

“Hey, nice bike!” they yelled again.

Yes, neighbor child, I know it’s a nice bike. And while I am short, I’m still 22. So we won’t be cruising the neighborhood on our bikes ever. But thanks for seeing how nice my new ride is.



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